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Secrets Behind Feng Shui

Feng shui tool for curing sha qi

Feng Shui has been widely used to help people in terms of career, fortune, health and many other stuff. Mostly, people want to change their destiny and that is where Feng Shui application comes into play. Knowing your personal Kua Number is the very first important step.

Arm yourself with the knowledge of your own Kua will assist you to determine where are your 4 best directions you should be facing at ALL times. Yes, it must be applied in your daily life at ALL times if you want to benefit from health, wealth, fortune and relationship. These 4 directions cover the 4 benefits - health, wealth, fortune and relationship.

With your own personal Bazi based on your Date of Birth (year, month, day and time), you will be able to tell your own fortune. Yes, it reveals the past, present and future of your life. It can predict to you what you will encounter in life, the ups and downs as well as your career or business. Also the Ten years cycle of your life from the day you were born.

Your house will play a part in your life with Feng Shui. Whether or not you can be prosperous will depend on what you do when comes to designing your home with Feng Shui method. You can start applying the Flying Stars Chart by taking the facing and sitting directions of your house. With the reading of the compass, you will then need to superimpose the 9 grid chart onto your house plan. In doing so, you will know each sector of the chart that is having Star 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Every Star has its own element and based on its element and where it is on your house plan, you will then be able to know what to do with that sector like colors, furniture arrangement, etc...

4-D Bazi Prediction

Using bazi to predict 4-D numbers

Everyone has the luck cycle, it depends on the right timing in your life. This 4-D Prediction allows you to choose your own 4-D numbers based on your own Bazi (4 pillars) and generate your LUCKY numbers for you. Everyone's luck numbers will be different unless you are born on the same day with same Bazi. Otherwise you will have your own LUCKY numbers. If you are lucky person then you will definitely need to give yourself to win a prize.

Remember that the opportunity comes at the right moment when your Luck Cycle in here and you will need to take action in order to benefit. Otherwise it will just go away as if nothing has happened. You can study in depth about Bazi and knowing when is your LUCK day so you can make use of this 4-D Bazi prediction to win some money. As said, every Ten Years Cycle comes with ups and downs but of course if you know the element of that particular year and the cures to counter it then you will not be down with your luck. It is all about understanding how is the interaction of these elements on a particular day so that you can benefit it.

Click on the image to get your own 4-D Bazi Prediction!

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