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Enjoy the delicious food in different countries

There are many things you can be doing during your travel in overseas. Things like sky diving, scuba diving, fishing, hiking, mountain bike, skiing, eating delicious food and many more. We are most towards driving to visit different places where we can enjoy nice local food as well as sightseeing. We love to visit places to see old building structures that have survived many centuries and still standing up! It gives us great pleasure to know the history behind these buildings and the knowledge is indeed overwhelming.

Everytime when we visit different countries, we notice the difference in clothing as well as speech and not forgetting the way food are being presented. It always give us great pleasure to taste food from different countries and notice some places are really good in the presentation as well as nice taste in the food. Of course there are some common food that are similar like McDonald, Kentucy, Burger King, etc but the taste can be a little different. Guess it might be the way it is being prepared and served.

We love visiting museums whenever we visit any country as it will reveal the history behind it. So we will be able to have knowledge of the places we visited and how the people are living there. Also visiting the Library will provide more indepth knowledge of the country itself. We love to converse with different cultures as they are mostly very friendly people and some are rather chatty which is good for us since we love to know more about their culture.

Driving around in different countries is also quite an experience as we discover it can be quite different like left-hand drive as compare with our right-hand drive vehicle. This can be quite confusing in the beginning since left-hand drive means we have to keep right to be in the slow lane and turning right instead of left. Of course the other obstacle we face will be the road signs maybe a little different. Like in USA, the sign saying Car Pool Lane which means 2 or more passengers to use the lane. At first we thought that it is meant to pick people up in the lane but it is not. Luckily, we didn't stop to pick anyone otherwise it will be a big joke! Another strange encounter in USA is when we were driving in the highway where there were 5 lanes and suddenly we encounter a police vehicle that started to swerve from first lane to fifth lane and back to first lane. The vehicle kept doing that movement for at least a mile before we discovered what actually happening. We had a good laugh after knowing what happen as we were imagining that the policeman must be drunk or something to have being doing this sort of action to swerve the vehicle this matter. And there is no way that we could overtake without hitting his vehicle. Can you guess what was actually happening with his vehicle for such action?

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